Kim Kardashian hooked herself with an white Ferrari 458 Italia

Posted on Oct 5 2011 - 4:28pm by GJ Staff

Kim Kardashian ferrari 458 Italia

Kim Kardashian thought that is time to pay the amount of of $325 000 on her white Ferrari 458 Italia,she just took a test drive to her own bright car!Having money makes you buying more and more and greed is overwhelming you from any sides…

This Ferrari is definately every man’s dream car!Why didn’t she chose red color ?

Don’t get me wrong but if you get such car you can’t drive it anywhere,there are special tracks concerning that.You must also know that maintenance is triple per year of car’s value and thinking twice is the right thing.

Ferrari is only a car for entertainment and is more like a special boy’s toy,you get to see what that baby can do and then you trash it out.

Do you own something like that?What’s your favorite color?