Kim Kardashian in bikini!

Posted on May 27 2009 - 9:10pm by GJ Staff


Kim Kardashian didn’t missed to expose her beautiful body at Nivea add..Nivea always said in commercial that using their product you will have soft skin like you’ve never dreamed before…My question is,does Kim needs this kind of product?I guess not!I think that when Nivea was invented,the idea started from girls like Kim,girls that don’t need something to express their beauty.Her clothes are no different of the ones with big cleavage she’s using, even that this time she’s wearing bikini!You can see her funbags from a few km,their charms are triing to get to you in any manner.Her baby doll face makes you want to play with her using every way you can.Would you like to put some Nivea on Kim or to rubb her perfect shaped back from the neck till….Let’s not have this kind of dreams!It’s hard to reach that point.Anyway I am sure that she will love that even that it’s not from anyone of us…


{morfeo 44}