Kim Kardashian in Tight Dress and High Heels

Posted on Oct 3 2009 - 10:36am by GJ Staff

Kim Kardashian in Tight Dress

Kim Kardashian was spotted in a Tight Dress and High Heels – New York City signing autographs for her fans..and I am sure that she doesn’t have a few!

When I see Kim Kardashian,I see her ass and her perfect shaped body.I am aware that her ass it’s simply outrageous and it’s hard not to stare at it.I expect that most of her fans are pervs and want as many of us to see her naked,so they are searching and searching hoping to find something interesting.

I have heard that Kim was recently in Playboy and you can also tell that by the people’s papers which hopefully represent the last number of Playboy.

What do you need to have a girl like this one?Money!Money!Money!This is the word and needs to be taken in consideration..