Kim Kardashian talks about her priorities..

Posted on Jul 31 2009 - 6:48pm by GJ Staff

You all know that she recently broke up with Reggie Bush and the reason was "time".They just simply don’t have any time for each other because they have other activities.

She wants to focus more on her career..didn’t she done that most of her time?Doesn’t she has a lot of money to take at least a break?

Someone said:

"Reggie really wanted her in New Orleans when he was there playing but Kim is traveling more than ever. She has so much going on, it just wasn’t physically possible for her to be there the entire season. With their schedules, it wasn’t realistic anymore.

"It just wasn’t fair to either of them. They wanted it to be all or nothing," the source went on. "They’re both doing okay… When you care that much about someone and spend that much time working at something, of course it hurts to move on."