Lady Gaga wearing leppard panties

Posted on Aug 20 2009 - 12:24pm by GJ Staff

Lady Gaga was spotted in Japan wearing of course panties like usual but this time leppard ones.Lady Gaga always had something unique that other stars don’t!When she first came in this industry her idea was brilliant concerning the clothes part and most of the stars have started to copy just like in High School,remmember?One thing is for sure that nowadays when you have something unique you have advantages:moving to the next level and disadvatages of course like:copy!

Sources say that she has a great source for getting her clothes and it’s the same as Paris Hilton.

This type of glasses are something which are in thrend for a couple of months,I am tired of how many people are wearing them and also some of them are fakes,not in this case.

Also one disadvatage could be a lot of stalkers and paparazzi which can make you life more miserable.