Leighton Meester Cosmopolitan June 2009

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Leighton Meester,plays in the tv serial on CW "Gossip Girl",a movie about teenagers with lots and lots of money that can have almost everything except one thing surely which is love.Their life is getting more and more complicated as soon as they make money and they become more responsable.Leighton is the negative character of this movie and it changes from time to time.She likes to manipulate,to dominate and to have everything for herself.In her real life besides the movie she is not at all so bitchy,she has a romanian boyfriend called Sebastian Stan which he played too in the movie.

When you watch this movie you can think at this quote which sound like that"What’s the difference between a battery and a woman?",do you know the answer?If so please post here…I will post the answer in a couple of days.