Leondardo diCaprio and Blake Lively staying friends

Posted on Oct 5 2011 - 8:34pm by GJ Staff

Leonardo diCaprio and Blake Lively broke up

Well,it looks like this process of broken relationships is getting even better,one day better than the other.Another famous couple formed of Leonardo di Caprio and Blake Lively made them taking their separate ways.

I simply don’t get it!They stay in front of a mirror making their amazing plans and gaining media or are simple adventures ended with completion…

I also got the feeling that those two hung up each other for boosting their fame,although there is no need for that!

Blake Lively who is currently 24 is single and helpless,would you take her for a spin?I agree she is the most beautiful and charming from Gossip Girl,she has something special of her own!

Take care Blake and stay into the light!