Lindsay Lohan Could Have Mental Issues For Real!

Posted on Sep 29 2010 - 7:46am by GJ Staff

Lindsay’s Lohan associate said that she could have multiple personality dissorder.

A longtime Lindsay Lohan associate says she thinks the actress may have multiple personality disorder — perhaps one reason she continues to have trouble keeping her addictions in check.

“Some of us had wondered if Lindsay was bipolar, given her mood swings, but I’m thinking it’s more than that,” said the source, who claims LiLo has on occasion called herself “Diane” or “Margot.”

According to the insider, Lohan has explained the odd behavior as her way of “getting into and out of character” as an actress — “pretending to be other people.”

Supposedly, friends have urged Lohan to seek professional counseling for this issue, but to no avail.


Well,I think everything is possible,and all the things point to that!