Lindsay Lohan does shopping in Malibu

Posted on Jul 6 2009 - 6:07pm by GJ Staff

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at the Shopping in Malibu,July 5,2009.

How come a pretty girl like her it’s single in this hard world,a place where there are a lot of thiefs and burglars and we don’t want anythyng to happen to her..

We have seen her at the beach,at a lot of parties,at events also at thousands of shoppings!I can’t simply understant these girls why the shopping part it’s so important…from most of them there isn’t one single day to not see them at the shopping!It is true that they need to be pretty for the guys but girls,we love you they way you are,maybe sometimes a little make-up it’s enough so please take our advices,ok?

Lindsay it’s more dressed for the beach in these photos and her skin it’s the same..I think she must have started this issue from a lot of tan..there are certain rumours that this summer it’s more dangerous concernng the sun radiation part and we need to protect ourselves more from last year.So people please take this precious advice,try to get at the beach in the morning and wear something for ptotection,also use some creams and all kind of stuff.