Lindsay Lohan Given An Out Of Jail Pass

Posted on Mar 19 2013 - 2:08pm by Melissa Horrocks

Lindsay Lohan has been given a deal that includes spending 90 days in a rehabilitation center. The actress pleaded no contest to lying to the police, reckless driving and obstructing officers. A Los Angeles judge has said that Lohan will be sentenced to 90 days in a rehabilitation facility, 18 months psychological therapy and 30 days of community service.


90 days of treatment will be spent “locked in” a drug rehabilitation center. Los Angeles Superior Judge told Lohan not to drive after he handed her, her sentence. The actress has had six years of legal troubles. She was arrested in 2007 for drunk driving. Yet, Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, was so angry with her lawyer, Mark Heller that he shouted at him outside the courthouse. He told him to go home because he had done enough damage and called him a parasite.

Lohan’s attorney has to show evidence that she has enrolled in residential by the 2nd of May. Furthermore, Lohan must pay a fine of $150 and has been ordered to complete, two years probation. When the hearing concluded, the judge told Lohan to stay away from alcohol and drugs and the people who supply them. In addition, she is subject to random searching and seizure by the police.