Lindsey Wixson takes it down the hill

Posted on Sep 27 2011 - 8:15pm by GJ Staff

Lindsay Wixson

Firstly you need to know that this photo is not from her falling,is simply some regular make-up…

Life of a model ain’t for everyone because somehow implies a lot of attention and if you are accidentally getting messy,this will be remembered in a way or another.

So if you do planning getting a model you need to think especially about wearing those huge heels and tight dresses.Also you need to have some practice about falling on stage,you should try that more at home.

Lindsey Wixson is a supermodel with experience and as you can see it happened to her too,doing fashion for Versace.

You need to understand that being a model ain’t easy and thiking twice is the right key for a better career.

Good luck!