Marisa Miller Can Be A Pro Baseball Player!

Posted on Jul 13 2010 - 5:10pm by GJ Staff



Marisa Miller showed to the MLB All Star celebrity softball game,that she can be one perfect pitcher and also can use a baseball bat like it shoud be used!Well,at least she has other talents too,not just smiling in front of the cameras and posing for diferent magazines,you can now see the other side of her!It appears that there’s no photoshop involved which is a good thing,a big step to something interesting.

As you can see those panties were simply made for her,it’s just like two tears of water and if you can combine them,they lead to something special!

I wonder what other sports she likes that involve full adrenaline,do you have any opinion concerning this manner?She could easily be accepted in team,that’s for sure!