Marisa Miller Really Likes To Ride

Posted on May 12 2010 - 7:38am by GJ Staff

Marisa MIller Likes Riding 1

Marisa MIller Likes Riding 2Marisa MIller Likes Riding 2Marisa MIller Likes Riding 3Marisa MIller Likes Riding 4

Marisa Miller has used her image for a new add which implies the Harley Davidson brand.She is the perfect girl that you can take on all of your journey’s,to keep you not getting tired..Although we wanted to see more leather,eventually some leather pants,we forgive her because her sexuality is outrageous.

She sure knows how to ride,we are talking about bikes so don’t think about something else because we are not aware of ‘that’,maybe you spy her from neighbour’s closet?If you can get us valuable information,that would be nice.She could have made this ad almost naked, because it could have been something more interesting..