Megan Fox shows”the finger” to the paparazzi

Posted on Jul 15 2009 - 8:47am by GJ Staff

Megan Fox was spotted in Santa Monica.

There is a beautiful and a sunny day and Megan Fox is triing to enjoy it!It looks like the paparazzi won’t let her to breath some fresh air so she it’s answering them in an bad manner by showing "the finger".

Do you think that the paparazzi cross the limit sometimes or maybe all the time!I believe that the term for them should be "stalkers",don’t you feel the same way?I understand that they should be present at events,shows,movies but they shouldn’t stick their nose into the celebs private life.They should think what will happen if someone will return the favor.

Megan Fox has been well photographed recenly,so what next we will see her naked?



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