Michael Jackson’s Final Moments

Posted on Jun 28 2009 - 3:47pm by GossipMan

The death of Michael Jackson was sudden and caught everyone by surprise.Today the doctor who was during Michael final moments was interogated for three hours by the police to give a statement with what happened during his final moments.
The doctors name is Conrad Murry which has a curious personal life was hired by Jackson to be with him during this summer tour and allegedly perofrmed CPR until the paramedics arrived.The pop star was declared dead later at UCLA Medical Center.

In his interrogation the doctor " helped identify the circumstances around the death of the pop icon and clarified some inconsistencies," .Police confirmed that they interviewed Murray, adding that he was cooperative and "provided information which will aid the investigation."The police said that Murry isn`t a suspect and remaines just a witness to this tragic event.The interview took place on a busy day when one of Jackson’s lawyers was chosen to represent the family’s legal interests and celebrities descended on Los Angeles for a star-studded public celebration of the King of Pop’s life at the annual BET awards show.