Mike Tyson preys for his doughter!

Posted on May 26 2009 - 7:24pm by GossipMan

The American superstar Mike Tyson who was one of the greatest boxers of all time is now going throught a difficult time because his youngest doughter is fighting for her life after she was found unconscious and hanging from a treadmill cord.His little girl Exodus is just four-years-old and she is in a critical state in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Arizona after her seven-year-old brother found her choking on the power cable of gym equipment at the Tyson family home.At this moment she is connected to life support.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Andy Hill says, “Somehow the little girl got something caught across her throat, she became unresponsive, the boy went and got the mother, and the mother came out and found the child.”

At this moment the only thing we can do is prey for her and Mike and even if you were not a huge Tyson fan let the grudge go and prey for him.