Miley Cyrus is the queen of the beauty

Posted on Nov 8 2010 - 8:21am by GJ Staff



Miley Cyrus knew how to get in attention at the MTV’s Europe Music Awards in Madrid,Spain.That dress reminds me of the early ages when all the people wore more interesting outfits that we receive nowadays.

Miley as usual was full of life and youth like every teenager should be till responsability age.

As you may have seen in our other posts she likes to wear a lot daisy dukes because it shows her sexy legs in a beautiful way.

Most of her fans know that her birthday party is coming up on november 23,concerning that event she said a few words about her special family.

“[My family and I] need time to all be together,” Miley told MTV.

“I’m not going to go crazy; [just] have a fun party and then maybe take a vacation with my family…because that would be really cool.

“So that would be rad if we could all go to the beach or something…I have to be near the water and I love doing scuba and going out and being on a boat.”

The life of an artist is hard,you don’t get to see very often your family so you need to think twice when choosing this path on your life.

At least she is not copying anyone’s style like other copying Lady Gaga.

Photo credit : Crestock