More Trouble as Charlie Sheen Death Threat Hits Headlines

Posted on Nov 9 2012 - 11:47am by GJ Staff

Charlie Sheen death threat headlines have shocked many; however, the high profile actor’s reputation has ensured that this style of headline is becoming common.  The 47 year old actor has been accused of threatening to murder a man with a semi automatic shotgun. These serious accusations have caused the Los Angeles police department to investigate the claims.

A police report has been filed outlining the details of the threat and has named Charlie Sheen as the attacker. The man who has filed the report claims to be in fear of his life after the death threats were made. The threats seem to have been made after a text message was sent to a mutual friend, claiming that he would “blow his head off with my Super 90”.

The conversation between Sheen and the female friend followed a falling out with the man who claims to have been threatened. The headline of Charlie Sheen death threat has been brushed off by both Sheen and his friends, claiming that it was all untrue. The accuser has been dishonourably discharged from the military and is seeking financial gain from the claims.

charlie sheen

Many people feel that there may be some truth behind the accusations as they follow the reports that Sheen is back to his hard partying. Unfortunately, Charlie could not remain sober, and there are rumours that he is back snorting cocaine and taking hard drugs. It is believed that Charlie is spending at least $2,000 a day on his extensive drug habit.

The representatives for Charlie have denied these rumours, and claim that he continues to attempt to turn his life around. However, the recent death threat claims, are just one in a long line of bad headlines for this actor. Charlie has the ability to steal the headlines with his wild boy image, and bad reputation. Only time will tell if the latest rumours are true and if there are charges to be brought against Charlie Sheen.