Octomom in Rehab Sensational Headlines

Posted on Oct 31 2012 - 8:22pm by GJ Staff

Octomom in rehab headlines have shocked the world, as many people did not realize that this incredible Mom was under such extreme pressure. Nadya Suleman is the mother of octuplets who are now four years old, plus six existing children. The extreme pressure she has felt since the birth of her children, and being in a continuous media spotlight, has got too much for this exhausted mother.

The decision to check into rehab was not easy, yet Nayda decided that her exhausted, anxious, stressful state was not healthy for her or her children. The clinic has offered to treat her for free, however, she has insisted on paying for her stay in rehab.It can always be one inpatient rehab in Maryland .
In recent months, she has been under the watchful eye of the family doctor, who has been attempting to deal with her issues. However, it is now considered that her fragile mental state needs professional care and attention.

Nayda checked into rehab for the 28 day program; however, this can be extended if the doctors feel necessary. Whilst the Octomom in rehab headline dominates the newspapers and magazines, the children will be cared for by the family nannies. Friends and family have also stepped in to offer help and support.

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The children’s daily routines will not be affected, and they will continue to be driven to school by the family driver. The home security team will remain in place to ensure that the children are secure at all times.  There have been numerous rumours surrounding the children’s safety, and social services have been monitoring the family.

Over the past four years, Nayda has received death threats, and allegations of child abuse, however, there have never been any charges brought. The unusual way that she has attempted to cash in on her children’s notoriety has been criticised. There have been several unusual photo shoots, endorsements, and even celebrity boxing matches.