Olivia Munn Moonlights on GQ Magazine

Posted on Jul 26 2012 - 5:29am by GJ Staff

Olivia Munn continues her hot streak with an appearance on the August edition of British best selling magazine, GQ. The thirty two year old beauty has just released a new movie titled “Magic Mike”. In the movie, she reveals a lot of skin as if in precursor to the magazine’s photoshoot.
Munn strikes several seductive poses in a screaming pink bikini. She is photographed by Miko Lim. She is interviewed on various aspects of her life and she also describes some challenging moments in her career. She narrates how she left for Hollywood immediately after graduating from college. She travelled in an aging Land Rover jalopy that broke down virtually every hundred miles. At the time, Munn says, she was coincidentally reading a book titled “Your First Year in Hollywood”.
Olivia Munn also tells of her stepfather who had mocked her by saying that she would never achieve a thing in her life. She says that what she has accomplished so far is “the best revenge” because she’s at a stage where she doesn’t think of vengeance any longer. She says that she’s certain every time he sees her featured on a magazine or in the news, he get enraged. “That’s enough for me”, the diva says with finality.

olivia munn gq uk
When Olivia Munn got into mainstream TV, she was originally referred to as Lisa Munn. Around 2006, she began using the name Olivia Munn. This was both professionally and personally. She has featured heavily in G4 network’s programming as a host in several shows. She co-hosted “Attack of the Show!” with Kevin Pereira before moving on to The Daily Show.
Her versatility is now beginning to show after going into such a mainstream mag. Her comic skills were well documented during her “Attack the Show” appearances. This landed her on TDS and finally led to her role in “Magic Mike”. We are hoping to see more of Munn’s skills though!

Photo credit : Miko Lim / GQ