Pamela Couture Collection for the knowledgeable

Posted on Aug 3 2011 - 2:53pm by GJ Staff

Pamela Anderson Couture Collection 2011

Another reason to remmember Pamela Anderson when you are with your girlfirend in your room and making all kind of things,she is mesmerizing from any point of view!We’ve seen Pam anywhere,in Baywatch which was our childwood object along with David Hasselhoff,we’ve also seen her in Peta ads and even more…

Secrets in Lace were the ones who helped Pam launching this new Couture Collection and deals with sexy and affordable lingerie,so ladies you are welcome to jump in and try it on!This is to amaze your soul mate every single day and keep it only to you,what can you wish more?

Girls you must think how Pam was in the old times,and wearing this lingerie can make you live those times in a way that you never dreamt before.

Pam said:

“I’ve always loved lingerie.  I like to dress up. Fantasy is something I respond to. Don’t fear sexy, embrace it and take risks!”

Of course she loved lingerie,this is what made her being popular and she must confide in this.