Pippa Middleton does ice skating for fun

Posted on Nov 22 2011 - 5:57pm by GJ Staff

Pippa Middleton doing ice skating

Even that winter is at a few steps ahead this doesn’t mean that Pippa Middleton can’t go for ice-skating,right?I am sure she already sent a letter to Santa Claus telling her desires for next year,starting with a new bf and lots and lots of love.

Ain’t this the most perfect desire every wished man for?

Just watch her out how she’s doing this dangerous and amazing sport in London!

You should join her out because she is single  starting a while from his ex,Loudon.

"They are still talking," one friend says. "It was not an easy breakup for either of them, but it’s definitely over."

I don’t really see the use that of talking,most of the celebs remain to this stage.

Happy ice-skating in there!