President Obama Comes Out On Same-Sex Marriage

Posted on May 10 2012 - 7:08pm by GJ Staff

president obama gay men

President Barack Obama has finally been explicit with his stand on same sex marriage. His previous standing on the matter has been cagey at best and at times been stated to be “evolving”. In an interview on ABC News, the president became the first sitting president to publicly state his opinion on such an emotive issue that always bothers vote-seekers.

President Obama’s endorsement is seen as a huge victory for gay rights crusaders. But in an election year, his move could be a sword cutting both ways.

Just a few days ago, his deputy, Joe Biden was forced to stutter that he is “absolutely comfortable” with same sex marriages. This might have been a precursor to the Obama’s statement. North Carolina’s amendment to ban same-sex marriages just a day prior could also have forced the president’s hand. Given that it is a swing state, he could be thinking of the votes he could garner there. Time will tell whether such a gamble will pay off. The only certain thing is that President Obama has guts.