Prince Charles Enjoys Every Visit To Romania

Posted on Nov 24 2011 - 9:25pm by GJ Staff

Prince Charles likes romania

When Prince Charles comes to Romania,everything feels so natural for him because in the end there are a lot of properties owned by its Highness..

Romania could be like a soul place to him where relaxing is the only word that comes into your mind.

The Prince also thinks that he descended from Vlad The Impaler,joking a bit about this.

The Tourism Minister of Romania,Elena Udrea said something to The UK Newspaper when she was in London and met Prince Charles..

" Udrea subsequently spoke of her host in glowing terms and said Romanians should be more like Charles and ‘appreciate the country they live in.’"

Romania is a really nice country and we believe that Prince Charles really knows what he’s doing by choosing it!

You can visit The Carpathians,Danube,Bran Castel,Peles Castel,Dracula’s Castel,Transfagarasan(were Top Gear team had a show),you can also go to The Black Sea.

Why not taking a shot and visit it!