“Inception” The Movie Has Been Made In 10 Years!

Posted on Jul 16 2010 - 7:48am by GJ Staff


Chris Nolal,the director,writer and also producer of the movie "Inception" said about the "making of" which was done in almost 10 years!Absolutely incredible,right?We’ll see and comment soon..

He said:

Yes, I’d actually been interested in doing a film set in the world of dreams ever since I was a kid, and about 10 years ago I settled in on this heist movie plot and structure, but it took me the last 10 years to finish it and get it right. It took me a while to figure out how to make an emotional connection with the material, as heist movies tend to be almost deliberately superficial in terms of emotion, and all about procedure. And I realized it had to be more about the human condition and human emotions, and that I had to work on the characters—the things that help an audience connect with the ideas, however crazy they may seem.”