Rachel Bilson and Hayden a couple?

Posted on Jun 2 2009 - 8:52pm by GJ Staff


It looks like Rachel and Hayden,the actors from the movie “Jumper” form a great couple together?It is the first time I see these photos and I don’t know for sure if that’s true!Do you know something?Twitter it boys and girls if so!Well,I always had a crush on Rachel since I saw her in Jumper,no offense there,Hayden..I know that I don’t have a chance on her because you can teleport me in no time,right?:)But if I’ll call Samuel who’s a great pal,maybe it will terminate you forever,just kiddin of course…

I never liked those kind of glasses,Hayden it’s wearing..it makes you look like a girl…ain’t like that?The white colour it’s not a colour for guys like me,I wear black or mirrored glasses like normal persons..

As it goes for Rachel part I think her’s are ok,it’s also acceptable if she’s wearing Hayden’s…it will not be a huge difference,right?

Anyway,they look ok together like I said below,a couple which it’s not so mediatized like it should be,thinking at Paris Hilton,and so..


{morfeo 47}