Rachel Bilson having lunch with mommy

Posted on Oct 2 2009 - 3:53pm by GJ Staff

Rachel Bilson was spotted at Scala Restaurant in Beverly Hills,having lunch with her mommy Janice.I believe she is still very attached to her parent or maybe she hasn’t seen her lately..who knows!

This is a good thing for a celebrity because most of them don’t have time for their parents or anybody else,their life being so complicated.She has from us an A+,right?

An advice for her will be to tann a bit because she is so whitish…for the gym part I believe she is ok,it appears that she does that often..

Her clothes are simple,I don’t know and I don’t care how expensive they are,as long as they fit ok on her I don’t have nothing to comment upon that..Appearently she is a normal person and she should stay like that and not doing what other celebries do..