Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen Split After Two Years Together

Posted on Mar 1 2013 - 6:44pm by GJ Staff

Romantically, the couple had everything set out for them. Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen were a fantastic couple, but like many celebrities they have split. The couple started dating when they met on a movie set about love taking place, “Midnight in Paris”. Now they are simply single, famous individuals.

rachel mcadams_michael sheen

There is not a lot of news about why they split, but they did have many challenges with their long distance relationship. Twitter was also causing problems with people tweeting about Sheen dating such a pretty lady. Sheen quit Twitter, shortly afterwards. Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen made it for two years, but struggled and ended their relationship.

The couple never spent more than three weeks apart and were used to mounting up the air miles seeing each other. Sheen thought that McAdams was stunningly beautiful and lovely. According to US Weekly, it was Rachel McAdams that made the final decision. Some people suggest that it was the age difference that was the final nail in the coffin. Although 10 years is not such a big deal, Rachel who is 34, may have been ready for what Michael has already had.

Photo credit : Wenn