Rihanna casting in Expendables 2?

Posted on Nov 24 2010 - 8:31am by GJ Staff

Rihanna appears in the casting of Expendables 2,so this could only lead to one thing!

"Sly is hard at work writing and casting Expendables 2. Rihanna has already made an action movie and Sly likes what she might bring to his movie and the fan base she has. He’s hoping he can get her on board." a source said.
"Movies are definitely something that I want to get into soon. And although it may surprise people my ideal role would be a comic role. I love comedy and I am pretty much a prankster, so that is a whole new world that I would love to venture off into." she said last month.
I think she has all the chances in the world,being one of the top singers,she can prove that definately!