Rihanna going to Kanye West’s Manhattan Residence

Posted on May 26 2009 - 10:07pm by GJ Staff


Rihanna it’s a subject that it’s very talked nowadays because of it’s high popularity..How did she became so fast at this high standard?One thing it’s certain that the girl has talent because she could’t be where she is!Recently she was beaten by Chris Brown and her facial appeareance wasn’t so delightful.I simply can’t understand why Chris doesn’t appreciate her?Is it because are rich people,and they get bored easy?It is true that when you get rich you want more and more,but what can be more than Rihanna?Can you suggest someone else?I can’t do that!As you can see in these actual pictures,she is not so happy as usual…she is making her way at Kanye’s Residence in Manhattan.


{morfeo 43}