Rihanna is looking dangerous in Battleship

Posted on Aug 14 2011 - 8:43pm by GJ Staff

Rihanna battleship

We have never seen Rihanna in this manner but she is definately made for this kind of movies.With that look she can easily play in war movies or something similar..

“We worked with real military people, you know, people in the Navy, people who have fought in Iraq before,” the S&M singer told UGO about preparing for the film. “They pretty much came and drilled me. This one man, Donald, he pretty much drilled me, yelled at me, cursed me, ‘Ow!’ Made me do pushups.”

“I really want to say, ‘F–k you’ right back, but then he probably would have thrown me through the window!” Rihanna cracked. “I was so scared I just stood there and looked at him like, ‘I swear I’m going to get it right, I swear, I swear, I swear I’ll be good.”

Working with people from military is big step for her and experience also counts in a way..

Take care Rihanna and good luck!