Robbie Williams moving on to a new solo album

Posted on Aug 20 2011 - 1:24pm by GJ Staff

Robbie Williams 9th album

                           Photo by Marco Prosch/Getty Images Europe

Robbie Williams posted recently on his blog that he’s working to his 9th album and is ready to impress some people.

The artist said:

"Lyric progress? I wrote everything I needed to finish – aren’t I a good boy? I know I like blanket statements about my music – but this album is by far my most consistent. We have an embarrassment of riches where singles are concerned – happy days.

"I wrote out my dream set list for a future tour – Exciting. ‘Me and my Monkey‘ hasn’t made it I just don’t think I can remember the words should I reconsider?"

Take care Robbie and more good singles for us!