Salma Hayek Admits She Loves Eating Bugs!

Posted on Jun 22 2010 - 6:16pm by GJ Staff


Salma Hayek was invited to David Letterman show where she said about what she loves eating.I don’t blame her for that.I found her very attractive and courageous in the same time.

She said:

“We Mexicans eat bugs, but we don’t eat horses. We have many recipes for some of them. Escamoles, which are eggs of these little ants—fried, they are amazing with a little bit of guacamole. And the worms—I’m salivating, they’re delicious. It’s all in the way they cook it, the little grasshoppers have a smokey flavor to them and it’s really good.They’re not that easy to find, they’re delicatessens … delicacies. My French is getting a little better, and my English is getting a lot worse.”