Sam Raimi will direct World Of Warcraft Movie!

Posted on Jul 23 2009 - 10:05pm by GJ Staff

Now these are great news guys!Sam Raimi is one of the best in the movie industry,on the horror part he is the most recommended in everything like Steven Spielberg it’s in action movies.

Sam Raimi directed movies like Drag me to Hell,Grudge,Messengers,Spiderman and the list can go on easy easy….

He said in his interview:

“At its core, ‘Warcraft’ is a fantastic, action-packed story.”

It appears that the production to this wonderful movie will begin right after Spider-man 4 and it will have a budget of $100 million.

“We’re going to be looking for someone of Zak Snyder (300) or Chris Nolan (The Dark Knight, Batman Beings) calibre.  I can tell you that this is the one thing about running a studio and making these things that’s hard. You want to not compromise and have the right level of intensity. The story and the director’s vision is what’s ultimately going to dictate that. Personally one of my favorite movies of all time is Lord of the Rings, which has a PG-13 rating.”