Selena Gomez wants to go fashion!

Posted on Aug 24 2011 - 8:44pm by GJ Staff


Selena Gomez who is currently dating Justin Bieber,says that beside her career as a singer she would be more than happy to start something in fashion.

The artist said:

“I think right now, and the time that I am with my generation, I definitely feel that K-Mart is the best choice for me, because obviously, they can capture my line the way I want it and the prices can stay at a minimum,”

“But, one day, I would love to maybe do a high-end fashion line. That would be really fun.

Thoughts,thoughts and thoughts,this is what she is having for now,but everything can transcend this anytime.As long as she is with Bieber,I don’t think she needs thinking at something else for now!

Good luck Selena!