Sharon Stone sexy or not!

Posted on May 25 2009 - 9:24pm by GJ Staff














Sharon Stone was one of our favorite actrices when she started playing in "Basic Instinct",a movie about seduction where she was the perfect woman.She used her body technique to get her victims doing whatever she can to obtain power.It is true that in those times she was a very sexy woman,young,full of life…This doesn’t means she isn’t the same right now..I am sure that nothing changed at her’s except the body features,mentally is the same,a little more make-up and of course more plastic surgery.I am tired of all this plastic surgery at the hollywood zone?Why they don’t accept the fact that it will come one time when you will think at the times being healthy,and you will ask yourself,why have I done that?Plastic Surgery it’s something made at your own risk,there will be good results for the moment,but after a certain time this will change..It is true that Sharon looks a bit better because she has made this "thing",we will see the what will happen…