Sharon Stone Sued For Firing An Employee

Posted on Mar 13 2013 - 1:39pm by Melissa Horrocks

A former maid that worked for Sharon Stone was called “stupid” due to a back injury that prevented her from lifting anything heavy. The maid was putting groceries in Sharon’s car when she injured her back. Her doctor advised her not to lift anything heavy. Sharon did not like the fact, that her maid would not lift things, and Sharon said that she was “stupid”. She then proceeded to sack the maid.


Castillo is seeking “unspecified” damages. According to Sharon Stone’s lawyer the lawsuit is “ridiculous” and “bizarre”. The lawyer said that the maid was not fired and that she still has insurance as an employee of Sharon Stone.

Sharon was sued last year by a woman who cared for her children. Sharon had been rude to the nanny and disapproved of her talking in front of the children, in case they ended up talking like the nanny. Sharon also banned the nanny from reading the Bible in her house.