Soprano Actor sentenced to house arrest

Posted on Dec 9 2011 - 4:26pm by C Tanner


The actor who is best known as Tony Darrow, or Anthony Borgese, has been placed under six month of house arrest. It’s funny when you think of the past character’s he has played and what the charges are against him. If you are not sure, he has been in not only "The Sopranos", but also "Goodfellas", two movies known for main characters that were in the mob.

The charge and why he is now serving that house arrest was for his part in the arrangement of a mob beating. Along with the time on house arrest he will also be on probation for a total of two years. This is not a bad deal for the 72 year old actor though.

He had been facing as many as three years behind bars, due to his hiring of a family associate from the Gambino crime family. The reason he had hired them was due to a $5,000 debt that a person owed him. The victim who was indeed beaten received not only broken ribs but a broken jaw too.

It is kind of funny that the actor who played part of a crime family in "The Sopranos" has been charged and convicted on this type of crime. Borgese was also in parts for movies like "Analyze This" and "Sweet and Lowdown", in both movies he played criminals as well.