Summer Glau – Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2nd Season

Posted on May 28 2009 - 6:14pm by GJ Staff


Summer Glau it’s one sexy girl!She can be sexy or she can be evilish like she does in Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles.I am sure that everyone knows the story of Terminator so there’s no need to go further in this story.When the first season ended we were so sad because we weren’t so sure if it’s going to be another one…So here’s some breaking news:”It will be another season”.We are very curious if it’s going to be something changed in this season because we didn’t seen a lot of effects in the previous as we wanted to.

Lets come back to our subject,Summer.She wears some clothes which put her feet in sight,we can’t say the same thing about her funbags because she wasn’t so lucky like others.I keep asking myself why she didn’t used the most known”plastic surgery”,oh I forgot…she’s a robot of course!Cyborgs don’t use make-ups,surgeries,they simply change like the weather does!Summer can’t hold herself and she’s showing the Terminator ‘look’ which is something that freaks us out anytime we watch the tv serial..

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