Taylor Momsen The Super Sixteen Girl!

Posted on Apr 2 2010 - 9:39am by GJ Staff

Taylor Momsen,the sixteen year girl,plays in a tv serial called ‘Gossip Girl’,a production where teenagers dress in high class clothes,something to keep in mind!Even that she has only sixteen she is on top of attention,she has a trampy role,where she tries to be as bitch as she can  to gain power.We can say that this is a modern and true serial because many teenagers do these things everyday so it’s not something new!

Concerning Taylor,it appears that she dresses similar to the movie,I mean trampy and trampy clothes!For her age she should wear more appropiate clothes,maybe some jeans..In my opinion she should wear whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t affect the high audience,right?She should take in mind that people usually tend to copy each other..most of them.

Anyway I don’t think that she will take our advice in consider,but if she does we wish her good luck in her amazing life!