Taylor Swift Has A BFF!

Posted on Nov 16 2010 - 8:53am by GJ Staff

taylor swift and selena gomez

Taylor Swift related she has a bff named Selena Gomez!But not that kind of bffs,only they give "advices" to each other and nothing else!

“I’ll ask her for advice too. It’s a great friendship,” said 20-year-old Taylor.

“We talked for two hours on the phone last night because we haven’t been able to talk for like, two weeks.

“We’ve both been so busy so there was a lot of catching up. There was advice given and asked for on both of our ends. I think we both really value the fact that we can be honest with each other.

“I’d definitely say we have a sister relationship. I’ve never had a sister but I think if I did and I had this sweet, perfect younger sister, it would be Selena. I feel like she’s my age though, I forget she’s 18!”

As much as they are "sisters" they can cross this limit everytime because nowone will know about this and will not care.