Taylor Swift on the cover of Glamour,august 2009

Posted on Jul 1 2009 - 11:47pm by GJ Staff

Taylor Swift,you know the girl who made a hit called Fearless now got on the cover of Glamour,August edition and she rocks.We don’t know for sure how much impact it will have on the market but we know for sure that she certainly is beautiful!

Here’s  a part of her interview which sounds very intersting for the people who are interested in this:

On rebelling with words: “I love to write honest songs that name real people, then get up onstage and live out those emotions in front of of 15,000 people. Penciling in a night to get wasted is not something I want to do.”

So if you are a fan of her’s you should check the full article at Glamour.com where you will find all her last interview.