The Black Eyed Peas gets $4 million for charity

Posted on Oct 3 2011 - 6:13pm by GJ Staff

Black Eyed Peas $4 million charity

The Black Eyed Peas reached the enormous amount of $4 million within their concert in NY Central Park.All these money are going to charities,to help people in need.

You can say they are one of the most healthy donors,and we must appreciate their facts and our support is also welcome.

Fergie of course had something to say:

"This is a dream. There’s not many artists who have played Central Park. New York, we tried this once before but the lightning stopped us. But lightning don’t strike twice!"

Definately lightning don’t strike twice and this is applied also in a way of speaking to those people in need.

GOD help Black Eyed Peas for future actions like this one.