The Girls Of The Playboy Mansion!

Posted on Jan 5 2010 - 10:14am by GossipMan



As you all know Hugh Hefner changed his old girlfriends:Holly,Kendra and Bridgett with three younger ones.


This are the twins:

Kristina and Karissa Shannon

Hail From: Ann Arbor, Mich., way back in 1989, though they grew up in sunny (and much warmer!) Clearwater Beach, Fla. Their mother began dressing the twins in identical outfits when they were children, which became a tradition the two continue today.
How They Met Hef: It was a setup, of sorts, by Hef’s former girlfriend Holly Madison, who first discovered the girls’ Playmate potential. Their outgoing personalities and boisterous senses of humor—the latter a quality Hef enjoys most about the girls—quickly charmed their man, and they began dating in the fall of 2008. Karissa and Kristina eventually became Miss July 2009 and Miss August 2009, respectively.
What They’re Into: Sports, clubbing, dancing and watching movies. They recently added piano lessons to their list of activities. The girls maintain their physiques by working out and constantly staying active. They have three dogs, a shih tzu named Ambrocios and matching Maltese puppies named Chanel and Dolce.
Stuff You Should Know: In the summer of 2009. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Sofia Coppola cast the twins to appear in her feature film project Somewhere, scheduled for a 2010 release.

Kristina and Karissa are featured in the latest installment of commercials for the popular video game Guitar Hero, where they appear alongside Hef and Crystal Harris.
Kristina is older, by one minute.
Karissa has a beauty mark on her neck. How else are you gonna tell them apart?


Crystal Harris

Hails From: Lake Havasu, Ariz., home of the London Bridge. Hef’s "No. 1" girlfriend was born an American citizen to British parents, but the family (Crystal has two older sisters) moved back to England shortly after her birth. They returned to America to live in San Diego when Crystal was 7 years old. While there, she attended La Hoya High School and majored in psychology at San Diego State University. She is also a licensed real-estate agent.
How She Met Hef: The gorgeous 23-year-old first met Hef at his famous Halloween party in 2008, and they quickly began spending more time together. After a few months of getting to know each other, Crystal started dating Hef and moved into the Mansion.
What She’s Into: An advocate for animal rights, she loves spending time with her dog Charlie, a Cavalier King Charles. She enjoys traveling, good food, comedy shows and listening to all genres of music. Crystal has even started taking singing lessons, inspired by her father who sang professionally. She would love to one day produce and possibly even record some of his unpublished music.
Stuff You Should Know: Crystal stays in shape by working out five days a week and loves to hike and rollerblade.

She is featured in the latest commercials for the Guitar Hero.
She was on her high school basketball team.
She’s an amateur ichthyologist, with two freshwater fish tanks in her bedroom.
Her first car was a 2002 Mustang convertible. Vroom, vroom!

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