The Olsen Twins for UK Telegraph Magazine 2011

Posted on Aug 23 2011 - 5:34pm by GJ Staff

The Olsen Twins Telegraph Magazine 2011

                                                     Photo Source:CocoPerez

The Olsen Twins got on the cover of UK Telegraph Magazine and they are looking just like two tears of water mixed up together,and if you combine them in any way it can lead to something interesting.

I do remember Mary Kate and Ashley playing in movies and everything was so amazing!I feel also bad that they kinda reached out from this industry…

On their clothing line:

"When the time is right, we definitely want some sort of home where we display it the way we want to."

On not selling The Row:

"We didn’t want people to know that we were behind it. We’d learnt so much about building brands and talking to a specific customer. We did it with our faces at the beginning, and we knew we didn’t want to do that any more. It’s far more fun this way."

The evolution of the Olsen’s is on the right way and nothing can’t stop them now!