The secret..why spinning skaters don’t get dizzy!

Posted on Feb 27 2010 - 12:43pm by GJ Staff

Have you always wondered on why spinning figure skaters don’t get dizzy?Well,there is always a solution to everything,and to reach that you need to practice,practice and practice!Life it’a an exam,to pass you need of course to learn and learning it’s not instant,it takes time to be achieved.

Joe Rosato Jr. from NBC Bay Area talked to a former pro skater, who keyed him into this secret:

Former National skating champion Shane Douglas said the key to getting over dizziness is to keep skating. "What we tell our students is keep spinning," said Douglas. "The more you do, the less dizzy you get." Douglas said it could take skaters about a year to get used to the dizziness.

So, skaters initially get dizzy, but then it becomes second nature. That’s how we felt when we first got our monocle.