Tiger Woods and Elin In Vacation Separately!

Posted on Apr 10 2010 - 10:26am by GJ Staff

According to RadarOnline.com Tiger Woods and Elin will not go on vacation together because of the fight they had about Tiger’s sex addict.Elin needs some time to reflect about this and Tiger should learn from his mistakes!

Here you go the press release:

Despite Elin’s increasing coldness toward him, Tiger has asked her to take a family vacation with him after he’s finished with the Masters. She has refused, a source close to her told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“Instead, she’s planning her own trip away,” the source said. “And Tiger is not invited on that trip.”

As RadarOnline has reported, Tiger and Elin’s marriage has been getting worse, after a brief period where they appeared to be growing closer.

Elin has not moved back in with Tiger and has a one-year lease on a house about a mile away from the family home. When she drops off their two children at Tiger’s house she does not go inside lately.

Her father is in town and RadarOnline.com learned that he took one of the kids to DisneyWorld the other day.

“Tiger has asked Elin several times to take a small vacation with him and the kids after the tournament,” said the source. “She has said no every time. And she’s told him she’s going away without him.”

“Elin is establishing her own life,” the source said. “Just the other day another one of Tiger’s affairs came out, the girl in the neighborhood. Elin hears all of this. And it just deepens the betrayal she feels.”