Tila Tequila Calls Celebslam Writer A F*cktard!

Posted on Sep 11 2010 - 8:28am by GJ Staff

And this story began when a writer from the famous celebrity website Celebslam called Tila Tequila a cheap Saigon whore.

He said:

Tila Tequila drives a god damn Lamborghini. I mean, really? It’s pictures like these that make me regret being a tall, intelligent, white man. I swear, cheap Saigon whores catch all the breaks in life!

And Tila Tequila said:

Ok listen up. You know I like to joke around a lot and you know I don’t really care what some bloggers say about me cuz that’s their job. However this one fucktard, idiot, racist, asshole, just said something onCelebslam that is totally uncalled for and on behalf of all the Asian-Americans and myself, this dickeahd AND Celebslam owes me and the Asian community a public apology! And until I get that public apology for saying such racial comments, I will NOT stop hounding these assholes! And shame on you CELEBSLAMfor allowing this cunt idiot to write something so derogatory and racist! HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED!

And the story continues Tila Tequila calls me a "f*cktard"

I agree with her protecting the asian people and she should sue the guy from celebslam and protect her rights!Is good that sometimes celebs to respond to bad things,this is the only way to keep in touch with fans!

You simply can’t only watch the bad words that keep coming at your adress.