Tito Jackson wants justice for the death of Michael’s!

Posted on Jul 30 2009 - 6:22pm by GJ Staff

Tito Jackson,the brother told Entertainment Tonight that he wants justice to be made for his brother,Michael Jackson!He must understand that everyone wish the same thing but we don’t know how this mistery will go on!We are also tired of too many stories on the internet…I believe the mistery of the Michael Jackson blew the internet up!Don’t you think the same way?

"I had no clue what was being done by Michael Jackson his personal physician whatsoever," the 55-year-old said. "If he is responsible, whoever is responsible, they should be brought to justice. Michael was physically fine as far as I’m concerned, he was strong, he was in good health, he was playing and happy and everything was fine… he was totally healthy."

It appears that the person who was telling him the bad news was no one than his sister Janet Jackson.

We hope that this case will be resolved soon..