Tom Cruise Was Bankrupt After His First Break

Posted on May 31 2010 - 7:39am by GJ Staff

Tom Cruise Broke After First Break

Tom Cruise sais in a interview to Esquire that after his first break he was break!

He said:

The audition [for ‘Taps’] was in New York. I said one line. That was it. I had long hair at the time, so they said, ‘Hold up your hair.’ Then ‘Thank you.’ I don’t know why, but… I thought I’d get it. It wasn’t arrogance. I had a quarter in my pocket — and that was it. I’m telling you: I didn’t have bus fare to get back to where my mom was living in Jersey. I remember… standing outside the Holland Tunnel, and hitchhiking.”

So does this matter in a way to us?I am sure that he was the same after the second break,and the third.Girls usually get you rid of your money,this is the fastest way!